Upgrading windows with insulated glass:
    • Helps maintains a consistent temperature in your home, reducing the need for heat and air use and lowering energy bills.
    • Reducing noise levels in you home carried in from outside activities.
    • Resolves condensation issues that occur from single pane windows.
    • Is more expensive than single pane windows, but you recover the cost quickly over a few short years due to their substantial energy savings.


Many Insulated Glass Options for Replacement Windows:

Single-sealed replacement windows offer a single seal between the spacer and the glass.

These windows offer a primary tape seal and second, melted seal between the spacer and the glass extending the life of your window by as much as five years.

Double pane
These replacement windows consist of two panes separated by an air space to reduce heat transfer.

Triple pane
These windows have three panes and two separate air spaces, offering a greater reduction in heat and sound.

Low-e windows have been treated with a metallic coating that reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. They are proven to reduce energy loss and costs and decrease fading associated with sun exposure.

Argon filled air space
Argon gas is denser than the atmosphere, thus becoming an insulator between your window panes from the air outside.

Frame Options for Replacement Windows:

Vinyl frame
Durable and energy efficient, vinyl is an excellent option and virtually maintenance free. They come in a variety of colors, but are thicker than standard wood windows.

Aluminum frame
Aluminum frames are very strong with slim profiles and are easy to maintain. They come in a variety of colors, but are not as energy efficient as wood and vinyl options.

Problems with your existing insulated glass?

If you already have insulated glass units but they are suffering from a foggy appearance or condensation problems between panes, LA/Orange Glass & Door will save you money by replacing the glass and eliminating the cost of installing new window frames or complete window unit replacement.

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