Most people don’t realize that mirror can be used almost anywhere. It is a great way to brighten up rooms and make spaces look larger.

LA/Orange Glass & DoorWe will cut mirror to your specifications.

    • Full mirrored walls
    • Standard and Custom Bathroom Mirrors
    • Shelving
    • Doors
    • Closets
    • Hallways
    • Staircases
    • Corners


 Mirror Installation and Repair     Bathroom Mirror

What we do with your old mirror?

During removal of your existing mirror, there is a good chance that the mirror will break into pieces. In this case, we will happily recycle the glass.

There is also a possibility that the wall - usually drywall - may be damaged during removal of the old mirror. Don't worry this will be covered with the new mirror placement.

LA/Orange Glass & Door recommends that the customer never try to remove a mirror that is glued to the wall. This could be dangerous. Please do not try to save money by doing it yourself.

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